Your favourite VOX Cinemas foods are now available without the wait. 

Booked your cinema ticket?  Your favourite VOX Cinemas foods are now available without the wait in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

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Red Sea Mall


Riyadh Front, Riyadh Park, The Roof, Al Qasr Mall, Atyaf Mall, Sahara Mall


West Avenue


Tabuk Park

How to order? 

  1. Pick your movie
  2. You will be automatically directed to the “extras” section, where you can  pick your favourite options
  3. Pay online for a smooth and contact-free experience
  4. Click on “prepare my order” 10 minutes prior to the collection and get your order number
  5. Wait for your order number to appear on the screen
  6. Pick up your order in our collection points