Our cinema. Your crowd!

The Family & Friends Private Cinema is for movie fans who want to sit back and watch the latest blockbusters on the big screen surrounded only by their friends and family.

Make our GOLD cinema auditorium yours and enjoy all the latest blockbusters with the crowd you choose!

With our enhanced health and safety measures in place, you can now enjoy all the new releases with added peace of mind and in the company you choose.  



Q. What is the process to book the Family & Friends Private Cinema?

  • To reserve the Family & Friends Private Cinema experience, get in touch with us via email on mentioning
    • Your preferred location
    • The date and time
    • The number of people you would like to invite
    • Your choice of movie

Q. What are the ticket prices for different experiences?

  • We’ve got different packages based on the number of people you would like to invite. With these packages, you will have access to one of our most exclusive experiences: the GOLD experience, as well as our Food and drinks package that includes your choice of regular-sized soft drink, regular sized popcorn and an item from the cinema classics in the Gold Menu. 

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Q. Do you take special requests? 

For any special request, please get in touch with us by email mentioning your preferred location, date and time as well as the number of people you would like to invite and your choice from the movies playing:

Q. Are food and drinks included in the ticket?

  • Every Friends and Family booking comes with a Food and drinks package that includes :
    • Your choice of regular-sized soft drink
    • Your choice of Regular sized popcorn
    • An item from the cinema classics in the Gold Menu 

Q. For how long the cinema can be booked?

  • Each booking is for the duration of the movie session. Guests can book more than one session in a day.

Q. What are the age restrictions? 

  • The age rating of the movie you’ve selected will apply (as stipulated by the National Media Council). Guests of all ages are permitted at Family & Friends Private Cinema. Guests between 13 and 18 years should be accompanied by a guardian.