Edge-of-your-seat thrills and terrifying twists will have you peeping through your fingers when you watch the scariest new horror movies at VOX Cinemas. Whether it’s Jigsaw torturing characters one by one, or a haunted cabin in the woods that those teens really should’ve avoided, there’s plenty to offer that’ll make your blood run cold. Take your pick from our list of the latest horror films and then choose how you want to watch them. VOX Cinemas has raised the bar when it comes to your next fright-night out to watch a scary movie.

Sound and music plays a vital role in setting you up for a fright. Our ultramodern technology means that you’ll hear those footsteps and creaking doors with total clarity, thanks to Dolby Atmos surround sound. Our 20m mega-screen at MAX is designed for the biggest blockbusters, and makes those jump scares even bigger. And as you’d expect, there’s big seating too for you to huddle into.

Freaky favourite horror movies

From psychological thrillers to gore fests, we’ve select the top horror films that will make you keep the lights on at night. There could even be a few nervous laughs between the screams with a zombie or vampire movie. Just watch out for the evil clowns – there’s never anything funny about them!

We show the best new horror films that will make you jump and we occasionally also screen cult horror classics, too. From The Exorcist to The Ring, take a look at what’s playing below and get ready to be utterly freaked out by our choice of the top horror movies.