Lebat Kubar

Lebat Kubar

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Lebat Al Kobar (Shahadat Shokr) talks about a simple employee who works in a private company and works after working hours in a delivery application. One day, while he delivers an order, the car breaks down on him on one of the land roads. He discovers by chance a box full of gold and money and takes it to improve his standard of living and live in comfort. With his girlfriend, who he aspires to marry, they discover that this box belongs to a dangerous gang. The gang start to chase him and threaten him to return the box. They succeed in getting the box back, but he did not give up. Taking into account, the Central Bank announced that the gold and money return to the bank after the currency was traded in the market, forcing the group to hand over the gold and money to the Central Bank.

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Riyadh Park - Riyadh

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