Live the ultimate immersive experience

Experience movies like never before in your premium ICE THEATERS® auditorium: ICE IMMERSIVE® LED panels on the side walls, 4K Laser projection and superior surround Dolby Atmos® audio. Trust us... once you experience a movie like this, you’ll never go back.


The exclusive ICE Theaters® side panels that are placed on each side of the auditorium create a spectacular visual atmosphere through dynamic colors and shapes. The side panels create ambient images that sync to the film, giving you a one-of-a-kind sensorial experience that’s not distracting but rather complementary to the film.


ICE Theaters® features one of the best projectors in the industry consisting of nine primary colors and producing a brightness of 60 000 lumens. The colors and brightness create a remarkable image quality and a much brighter 3D! Just trust us, the image is amazing!


The sound is everything for a full movie experience! ICE Theaters® technology consisting of 52 sound sources, 53 speakers and 35 amplifiers! This state-of-the-art sound technology not only allows you to hear every detailed sound, but creates the ultimate sound experience!